Buddhas Kleister, Buddhas Pinsel

Wiedergeburt eines 


Restaurierung und Ursprung


Buchbesprchung/Ostasien/Buddhas Kleister, Buddhas Pinsel Wiedergeburt eines Taima-Mandala


Dear Hai-Yen,                                                                            june, 10, 2014

Thank you again for your wonderful dedication to this work and it was a pleasure to be able to talk to you this morning.  I am obviously very lucky to have been able to still purchase a copy of your work given you only have two left!  It will go to a good home, in fact it will take pride of place on my personal shrine as an object of devotion.   

As I mentioned I will ask my friend Ratnaguna (his Buddhist name) to give you a call sometime.  I am sure he would be very pleased to have the opportunity to talk you.  I would in fact like to make him a gift as well so would it be OK if you were to send me the last two copies of the mandala so that I could give one to him?

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me this morning and thank you again for what you have contributed towards the wider appreciation of this wonderful Buddhist work.  

Yours sincerely,


Dear Hua Hai Yen,                                                                          Aug,12, 2014

Thank you again for the 2 wonderful articles you have sent me and also

for our design of HICA.    The work of your life with love and developing your talent has made you a great artist and respected teacher.  I hope you keep on following your inspirations and endeavours which are a great gift to this world...especially for our

country and her standard of art and beauty,The Sacred Heart mumu s  are proud of you for a very good reason!

WE pray for you and your family.  Keep well and remember we follow your contribution to art and to Buddhism with interest and admiration !

I could not have imagined you today, when you first came to Pali at the age of 15 !!!


Sun mumu