Chapter I: Restoration

How it all started

  1. A.Condition

1. Situational assessment

2. Original montage

3. Weaving and painting techniques

4. New restoration processes

  1. B.Restoration Work

1. Provisional fixing

2. Dry cleaning

3. Wet cleaning

4. Light tube

5. Facing with silk glue

6. Smoothing the creases

7. Removing old glue residues

8. Paste

9. Mending

10. New border

11. Paper

12. New life layer

13. Underpinning wrinkles and creases

14. Overall backing

15. Detaching the mandala

16. Stretching the mandala

17. Retouching

  1. C.Completion

1. Montage

2. Framing


Chapter II: Origin

A. The Development of Buddhism

1. Prince Siddhārtha

2. The essence of Buddha‘s teachings

3. The Tripiṭaka

4. The dissemination of Buddhism 

5. Two important developments

6. Northern and southern routes of dissemination

7. Blossoming in China

8. Sūtra translations

9. Contact between Japan and China

B. The Teachings of the Pure Land

1. Buddha Amitābha

2. The fundamental sūtras

3. Historical development

4. Founding personalities

C. The Cradle of the Taima-Mandala

1. Pictorial translation of the fundamental sūtras

2. The oasis town of Dun-huang and the caves of Mo-gao

3. Textile art under the Tang Dynasty

4. Flowering of sacral art

5. Taima-Mandalas in and outside of Japan

Chapter III: Description of the Picture

Pictorial structure of the Taima-Mandala 

Stage A. The Saga of Prince Ajātaśatru

The background story

Act 1: The imprisonment of King

Act 2: The Queen in misery

Act 3: Glad tidings

Stage B. Thirteen deeply contemplative Visualisations

Instruction 1: Leading into silence

Instruction 2: Journey through the Pure Land

Instruction 3: Meeting the Three Holy Ones

Instruction 4: Experiencing the Pure Land

Stage C. Three contemplations of rebirth

a. Three contemplations

b. Success, naming and dissemination of the sūtra

  1. D.Middle Hall

1. Lotus pond

2. Floor

3. Jewel tree

4. Palace

5. Three Holy Ones

6. Sky

Final Concert

Time to bid farewell

Buddha’s Brush, Buddha’s Paste

Rebirth of a Taima-Mandala

Restoration and Origin