About the author

Ms Hai-Yen Hua-Ströfer is a restoration expert with long years of experience, and is comprehensively versed in the cultural heritages of both Asia and Western Europe.

She was born in Taipei/Taiwan/Republic of China, and received a classical Chinese education. After studying the history of art, German language and literature as well as graphic design in Taiwan, the USA and Switzerland, she founded

The Hai Yen Institute for Conservation of Works of Art  in Germany.

Her restoration work has taken her to the Bavarian State Library in Munich, the Austrian National Library in Vienna, the Palace Museum in Taipei, and the Abegg Foundation in Riggisberg/Switzerland.

She has restored works of art on paper and textiles by Toulouse-Lautrec, Cézanne, Dürer, Nolde, Maria Sybilla Merian and front-ranking Asian artists. She specialises in large-scale formats like the “Monde Nouvel Papistique” of the Sondershausen Castle Museum in Thuringia and the Taima-Mandala from Japan dealt with in this book.

Ms Hai-Yen Hua-Ströfer has since 1998 been an authorised expert for art on paper and textiles. She is involved in international research projects, and shares her knowledge in regular lectures, courses and publications.

Buddha’s Brush, Buddha’s Paste

Rebirth of a Taima-Mandala

Restoration and Origin